There are some shots that you simply can’t get without a jib.  Whether you’re doing live multi-camera video, a HD documentary or a feature film, a jib is an essential tool for an outstanding production.  Nothing is better than a Jimmy Jib camera crane at delivering just the right shot at an affordable price.

Although advanced equipment is great, without an experienced operator, the shot will still be marginal.  That’s why all of our operators have a minimum of 10 years jib and production experience.  Our credits include corporate sales and training videos, music videos, multi-camera live events, documentaries, presidential campaign commercials, and sports–just to name a few.  When the shot matters, trust us.

If you’ve hired an inferior jib operator, we can help you out too!  We’ve answered the call in the middle of the night from producers who hired our competition.  Even on short notice, we have made the shot when others couldn’t.

When it comes to getting the best jib shot for your production, we are your source!