Jib sizes:
Our jibs are modular and can be built on-site in any one of seven possible sizes. Please keep in mind that sometimes bigger is not always better. The operator will work with you to determine the right size to accomplish your goals. The reach (arm length) is the distance of the camera to the pivot point. Rear clearance dimensions are provided to allow space for counterweights and the operator.

Dutch Head:
We have both 120 and 360 degree dutch-roll heads available.

Our jibs are ready for film, SD and HD video cameras.  The jib can safely support a payload of up to 50 lbs.

The electronic remotes allow the operator complete control of pan, tilt and dutch head. For video cameras equipped with a Fujinon or Canon lens, control of zoom, focus, iris and VTR start/stop functions are provided.

The jib arm arrives on-site cased and broken down into 3 foot sections. Once loaded in, assembly of the jib will take 60-90 minutes, depending on size and configuration.

The jib electronics can be powered by internal battery or 120V AC house power. House power is preferred whenever it is available.